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Amplon - GAIA

The Amplon GAIA series UPS has inbuilt batteries to provide continuous and stable power to your critical loads when power events occur, with an external battery pack. Three Phase, 20-120 kVA.

Amplon - R Series

The Amplon R series is designed for long backup time applications with the addition of a customized battery source. The inbuilt high level charger shortens the recharging period and increases availability.

Amplon - RT Series

Amplon RT has 1+1 parallel redundancy function to provide high reliability. Optional external battery pack can be added to fulfill longer backup time for mission critical applications. Single Phase, 5/6/10 kVA.

Modulon NH Series

The NH Plus series is Delta's next generation UPS featuring high efficiency, a hot-swappable modular structure and N+X redundancy, with its industry leading 94% high efficiency. Three Phase, 20-120 kVA.

Ultron - DPS Series

Ultron DPS is designed with patented power factor correction (PFC) technology rendering high input power factor (>0.99) and low iTHD (<3%), a perfect fit to Energy-Star certified equipment. 160-200kVa.

Ultron - EH Series

The Ultron EH series offers many superior features including N+X parallel redundancy and a built-in manual bypass switch to guarantee higher availability and reliability for protecting your critical loads. Single Phase Out 10/15/20kVA.

Ultron - HPH Series

The Ultron HPH is a true online double-conversion UPS offering the best-in-class combination of maximum available power, unbeatable energy efficiency and superior power performance for small data centers and other mission critical applications. Three Phase 20-40kW.

Ultron - NT Series

The NT series offers continued seamless protection for your business even under 100% unbalanced loading conditions. It's economy mode improves efficiency by 4%-7% and saves on operation costs.

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